The Tide is High but I'm Holding On

As the famous Blondie once sung; The Tide is High! and Holding on I am!

Entering the forth week into the 12 week setting program, I'm starting to enter into a bit of a routine. I have my favourite route to class and know the areas I need to get to relatively well, I've also joined a local Crossfit box which I schedule in after my days at school to occupy my time, but also keep up with my fitness! 

On Monday I completed a double row of circles in a filet pave style with a 4 claw configuration. I spent some time preparing the plate, but by no means got it on the first go, however on my second attempt I managed to get the spacing of the stones adequate enough to proceed!

There are multiple tiny claws holding each stone in place, which have to be cut out and prepare the seating for the stones to go in.

Once the stones are held in the with beads, its time to go back in and clean up! So many steps involved but when you do it right it does look super nice! 

The next task is to complete the double row of circles in a filet pave style but with a 3 claw configuration and my my I am having challenges with spacing! I've managed to fudge up the setting plate twice before Alexandre pulled me up on it, to assess and figure out what I was doing wrong. Needless to say I still have not mastered it at this point, and likely need to start the plate again.

As tough as it is, one of my fellow class mates always says "if it was easy everyone would be doing it" and they would be right. This is a professional course and Alexandre is a Master at what he does and knows what he is looking for. So whilst certain days can be challenging, mentally and physically, I do have to look at the brighter side and another banger of a song sung by Wilson Phillps - Hold on for one more day!

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